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We offer coach driven functional fitness classes, private training, and custom programming.

All focus on movements that strengthen you today and keep you strong into tomorrow.

All Ages ... All Abilities ... Same Goal ...
To Live A Long, Healthy, Strong Life


It’s a mindset. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of being. 


Reinvented’s foundation is built on the idea that we reinvent ourselves every day in every capacity. The goal is always to better ourselves in all facets of our lives. In a world that is constantly changing, to excel we must ebb and flow with the changes. We cannot remain stagnant.

Reinvention is key. 


What do we do at Reinvented? We focus on your overall well being. From the moment you step into our facility we want you to feel welcome, comfortable, and emboldened to be the best version of you.

There is no judgement only encouragement within our walls. 


We are a wellness fitness facility geared towards helping our members build strength both physically and mentally. A strong mind is invaluable in life and most definitely an asset when following our programming. 


For us, it's not about having you be a part of a gym. It’s about us inviting you to be a part of our culture and community. 


It’s the Reinvented Way ! #getreinvented


Strong Man
Programmed Group Classes
Enjoy our phenomenal classes from regular wods to HIIT and Cardio to Technique to specialty classes like Olympic Lifting, Functional Bodybuilding, Peach Farming, and so much more.
1:1 Private Training
Need to work on a specific movement or simply need some extra 1:1 attention, try a private session with one of our coaches. Can be done in-person or virtually.
Individual Custom Programming
Tailored to your own personal goals and designed to suit your specific body type, customized programming can range from full workouts to strength training accessory work. It's great as an add on to classes or as a stand alone.
Cross Fit Class
Specialty Classes / Programs
Weight Loss - Body Building - Gymnastics - Body and more. Clinics are a great way to focus on specific skills, acquire more knowledge, and improve technique. 
Seasonal Outdoor Classes
Enjoy the fresh air without compromising your workout routine. We have a fully equipped and functional outdoor adult playground ... rig and canopies included.
Zen Recovery Room
Minimize soreness and quicken recovery time.  Everything you need to decompress from foam rollers to massage leg, shoulder, and back simulators to ROMWOD and yoga applications. Time to Zen! 
An App that Works for YOU
Easy access to schedule, rsvp, manage classes and view programs. You can even create and save your own individual program and take notes on your progress.
Fruits and Vegetables
Nutrition Plans
From guidance to customized nutritional plans. Everything you need to keep your eating habits on track.

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