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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

1.Find the right motivation

You need to know why you want to stay healthy! The first month might go smoothly, but when life gets in the way, you need to remember why you are making the effort.

2.Prepare an action plan

You need to understand the difference between objectives and results. A result is a 5-kg weight loss; it’s not an objective. An objective should be an action plan. Look at your schedule and make time for it.

3.Do what you love

It’s of no use to you to take up jogging or biking if you hate it. Sooner or later, you’ll end up giving up. If you want to become and stay active, you need to practice the activities you love and that you want to repeat as often as possible!


The best way to stay active in your everyday life is to integrate exercise into your routine. For instance, do some squats during your 10 a.m. break. Don’t have a break? What are you waiting for?

5.Exercise with other people!

Having a training partner is a great way to be more physically active. They can help motivate you and inspire you to persevere to meet your objectives. It’s also a great way to strengthen relationships and keeps you both accountable.

6.Variety is the key

Practicing different kinds of physical activities! By doing so, you’ll reduce the risk of getting bored and the risk of injury. You’ll have more fun and will stay motivated.

7.Tech Fit

There many fitness gadgets available on the market. One of them is an activity tracker. It’s perfect for those who like to see instant results and keep track of the number of steps, sleep patterns, calories burned, heart rate and much more.

8.Don’t stay on the sidelines

You probably spend a lot of time watching your kids play. Why not take this opportunity to combine your need for exercise with their interests

9.Turn to the pros for help

There are a variety of courses given by professionals to keep you active, such as yoga, Pilates, Functional Training, and training sessions for small groups.


Positive self-talk is key. Believe you are strong, fit and healthy. What you believe you become. Focus on the feeling of being active, the feeling of accomplishment, and having fun!

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