Is your child missing out on physical activity because of COVID?  



The Program Focus on Speed/Agility & Dynamic Training, 

Gymnastic Movements, Cardio, and Coordination.

Our focus with Reinvented Pre-Teens is to build confidence, foster a healthy, positive self-body image, and teach body awareness in a safe environment. Our Pre-Teen program is the perfect outlet for your kids to release energy and have fun at the same time.

Adolescence is tough, especially during these times. They are no longer little kids but they are still not completely grown up either. We have created a space where pre-teens can be themselves, make some friends, get an awesome workout, and learn something along the way without judgment or pressure. And of course, have fun while they do it!

Our 10 class program focuses on gymnastic movements, cardio, agility, and coordination.

The 60-minute class is available twice a week.

Participants have the option to attend class twice a week or once a week.

At Reinvented Fitness, following strict COVID protocols ensures all our members are safe and stress-free. Because kids shouldn't worry about anything other than moving and having fun! 








Thursdays - 3:30 pm

Sundays – 11:00am

10 Classes Program - $199

10% Sibling Discount


Our Pre-Teen Program is perfect to keep

your child active while having fun!

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