Rodrigo is the 2019 CrossFit Games Athlete Bolivian Champion! He is a  Level 2 (CF-L2) Trainer and a CrossFit Weightlifting Certificate holder. In addition, he is an Active Life Coach Member for  Performance Care Rx; and an Opex CCP Level 1 trainer. He qualified for the Granite games (2016) and Wodapalooza (2018) amongst a couple podium places in local CrossFit competitions in the tri state area. He has a relentless passion for helping other athletes reach their goals, and knows how to push and condition the newest to most skilled athlete in the most effective manner. Rodrigo strives to be a role model to others by having a strong work ethic, consistency and at all times remains humble about his accomplishments.

Head Coach


Eva received her CrossFit Level 1 in 2016 after 4 years of CrossFitting under her belt and an athletic background as a child. She practices consistency in movements and technique. In addition, she utilizes direct, simple instruction to help others towards their fitness goals. Eva is a full-time special education teacher with a Master’s degree in Collaborative Education. She uses patience in the classroom, in the ‘box,’ and all other areas of her life. Although safety is a priority for Eva, so is having fun. Her hope is that a WOD with her will be the best part of your day. 





Christa is a career entrepreneur, an avid Cross Fitter and lifelong athlete. She has owned multiple business throughout her life. Currently, she is the owner of Reinvented Fitness, Peach Farm Fitness, IMX Pilates Englewood and has a private Life Coaching Practice. Christa believes that mental and physical endurance go hand in hand in achieving optimal performance in all arenas. Life is unpredictable. The CrossFit mentality is train to expect the unexpected. A belief system that parallels Christa's own personal methodology: "There is no such thing as failure. If you are trying, you are succeeding."  She approaches all aspects of her businesses and life the same way she works out - by stepping outside the box, testing limits, and coming up with creative solutions to maximize strengths, neutralize weaknesses, and become extraordinary. She is a member of BCPWN, a volunteer mentor at Center for Hope and Safety, and a Guest Support Group Workshop Facilitator at Holy Name Medical Center Cancer Support Community.