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 Saturday, May 2nd, 2020





Reinvented Introduces Quaran-Fit Games – The Ulitimate Virtual Throwdown!!!


Bored of working out alone with no one to compete against? Competing against who you were yesterday is always the goal. But the thrill of competing against others (aka your arch nemesis) is invigorating and motivates you to push yourself harder! Difficult, however, to do in our present climate.


During this unprecedented time, we’ve come up with an unprecedented

throw down.


We’ve figured out a way to compete while social distancing with our

Quaran-Fit Games – A Virtual Throwdown.

The Details:

  • 2 people will go head to head per match in a double elimination battle.

  • In the 1st match ONLY athletes will be allowed to choose who they compete against if they would like. If they do not want to choose their rival, it will be randomly chosen.

  • Matches are not gender based. Male and females can and will be competing against each other.

  • Wods will account for gender via weight for and reps of movements.

  • All heats will have designated times.

  • Matches will take place live on ZOOM. (Competing athletes will be able to see each other on their screens).

  • All matches will have one live judge.

  • The battle will also be live streamed to YouTube.


How It Works:

  • 2 People per heat

  • The winner of the first match of the first heat will move on to compete in the Upper Bracket against the winner of the first match in the second heat.

  • The loser of the first match will not be eliminated just yet. He/she will move down to the Lower Bracket and compete against the loser of the first match in the second heat.

  • The winners of the second match in the Upper Bracket will continue on to compete in match 3 of the Upper Bracket.

  • The losers of the second match in the Upper Bracket will move down to the Lower Bracket and compete against the winners of the second match of the Lower Bracket.

  • This pattern will continue until the end of the Battle.

  • Heats and matches are dependent on the amount of participants.

  • The final battle will be the winners of the last match in both the top and lower brackets.


Registration Fee: 



$100 Amazon Virtual Gift Card
Jump Rope

Ascent 2lb Protein Bag and Shaker

Donate to a Good Cause:

We are also taking donations for FEEDING AMERICA.

Feeding America is a nationwide organization that harnesses support from local communities to the federal government to keep low-income families supplied with food. Right now, its biggest concern is children whose schools have closed, cutting off a source of healthy, free meals. 



Wod #1: Red Light Green Light

30 On / 30 Off

Max Push Ups

7 Rounds Total

Wod #2: Jumping Jelly Beans
For Time 21-18-15-12-9
Jumping Jacks
Alternating Jumping Lunges
Jumping Squats
Wod #3: Dead Weight
Death by Weighted Push Ups
EMOM 10 Push Ups
Starting weight 10 12oz bottles of water.
** Every minute add 1 bottle of water**
Water must rest on your back in a backpack or similar bag.
Wod #4: Cross The Line
For Time
30 Over the Line Facing Burpees
50 Lateral Hops Over the Line
30 Over the Line Facing Burpees
Wod #5: Water Break Anyone?
For Time 10-20-30
Backpack Thrusters with a case of water 24 bottles (12oz bottles)

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